Customer: Finnair
Project: A350, Business Class
Design studio: In-house in partnership with Tangerine

Finnair AirLounge: a new seat, a new textile, a new experience. A fusion of residential aesthetics and aviation. The new AirLounge by Finnair takes its inspiration from lounge furniture and is designed to maximise customer comfort, space, and freedom to move during a long-haul flight.

Comforting atmosphere: the voluminous and dark rohi textile really adds to the feeling of softness and quality, and that warmth may appeal to a broader spectrum of passengers. The rohi fabric, inspired by its innovative home interior collection, exudes style and possesses a weave and structure of the highest quality.

Corporate Design: AirLounge was then given some Finnair flair, with the airline’s in-house design team, led by David Kondo, adding their own customization and final design execution requirements, in partnership with design partner, Tangerine.

Photo credit: Finnair, rohi