State Opera House Unter den Linden

Project: State Opera House Unter den Linden, Berlin
Architects: HG Merz Architekten / Richard Paulick (Reconstruction 1955)

Acoustic concept: Improving the acoustics in the auditorium while preserving the Paulick version of the State Opera as far as possible were the goals of the highly complex general refurbishment by architect HG Merz. Historic preservation and acoustics were also the two major challenges for rohi in the production of the unique wool fabric.

Special development: 1,620 meters of the finest, exclusively developed rohi wool fabric now ensure optimum seating comfort, authentic opera house atmosphere and ideal acoustics on any visit to the State Opera. Seven years of project work have paid off in the end. The State Opera House Unter den Linden has been restored to its former glory. And thanks to the durable, stain-resistant fabrics from rohi, it will stay that way for a long time.

Photo credit: Gordon Welters, Christian von Steffelin, rohi