rohi is going Olympic

Muenchner Olympiahalle

Whether for concerts, cultural, or sporting events: from now on, the guests at Munich’s Olympic Stadium will be sitting on rohi fabrics. The refurbished seats – a total of 8,600 – will be covered in our COSY amber, a perfect compliment to the multi-purpose arena’s new look.

The Olympic Stadium is currently undergoing its largest modernization project since it was built in 1972: all under the competent guidance of the Architectural team Auer+Weber+Associates, operating for the ‘Olympiapark Architectural Group’ – formerly Behnisch+Partner.

Fabrics have a significant impact on the appearance of a room, and must be selected carefully.This is especially true when it comes to arenas; the fabric must be chosen for its quality and durability, as well as an appropriate and timeless design.

In addition, the fabric must meet strict fire protection guidelines, withstand constant use in a public space, and be easy to care for. rohi was able to meet these criteria. Their long years of experience and exacting quality requirements make COSY, one of their fabrics, perfect for the job.

The designers chose a warm, mustard yellow color with a sturdy structure that looks ‘handmade.’ This quality fulfills the architect’s wish to maintain the balance between sporty and elegant. That means the fabric is fitting both for a sporting event and for a classical concert. Our rohi design team worked with the architects to create exactly the optical design they needed.