Nothing is impossible. Or almost nothing. It is special ideas are what secures your future as a customer and our future as a company. As a result our creative project designers are directly involved in communication with customers. They listen, think along, create ideas and discuss them internally in the team and externally with you. As equal partners. As providers and implementers of ideas, to not only realise your wishes and visions, but to optimise them specifically.

In parallel to this, our development designers create what could be called the DNA of our textiles. They are specialists for weaving connections and use their technical expertise to translate the designs into haptically inspiring textiles that can be experienced with all of the senses.

Whatever it is, we translate it into textile.

Our comprehensive product archive is also invaluable for our creative work. It houses hundreds of samples in a range of colour and material qualities. For our customers and potential customers, this is a real voyage of discovery, especially given that many of the textiles were never shown in public as part of collections. As a result, we never come to you empty-handed, we can even inspire you with our rich treasure-chest of material samples the first time we meet in person.


As every rohi fabric is “made in Germany,” we are in control of the entire production process at all times.