What does flying really mean? Sitting! Sitting for a long time. The time between take-off and landing is what makes up an airline’s renown and its customers’ enthusiasm. The airline is responsible for the cabin service. Aircraft interiors are our passion. When combined, these two aspects shape the individuality and image. They help airlines survive and thrive in the tough competition.

Together with airlines and the world’s leading design and CI consultants, we develop customized textile concepts. Before weaving even a metre of fabric, we can visualise the creative textile solutions in 2D and create 3D cabin simulations with special textile simulation programmes.

Besides the customized textile concepts created in accordance with our vision “whatever it is, we translate it into textiles”, our designers produce textile ranges available immediately and for a limited time. We also complement this range, made from high- grade wool as always, with fabrics for cabin curtains and headrest covers, as well as high-grade leather.




Whatever it is, we translate it into textile

Our constant pursuit of the best possible quality is the common thread running through our entire company history. And it sets standards: rohi was one of the first textile manufacturers approved for AIRBUS and BOEING. In 2003, our quality management system was certified to EN (AS) 9100. We were the first textile industry company worldwide to do so. Our coveted fabrics have been taking to the skies around the world for over 40 years. With the world’s most valuable brands in the industry as well as smaller companies with big goals. And when are you going to “walk on air” with us?


It’s good to think back. But it’s better to think ahead. Following this principle, rohi and ANKER, two of the leading producers of premium aircraft textiles, developed an entirely new approach to product presentation in 2015. It does not replace the traditional collections of samples, it adds a new dimension. We call this dimension a “study”, which presents themes for textiles and carpets.

It kicked off with “Create PINK”, which was a real coup, as we focused on probably the most provocative colour in the airline sector. PINK’s ability to harmoniously and uniquely define a space with textiles was immediately impressive.
“Create SPIRIT” followed in 2016, literally “pouring” the moods of popular bar drinks like Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic and others into a textile concept that inspired highly concentrated admiration.

In 2017 we presented another contemporary and stimulating study: “Create TIME”- and we have yet another exiting story to tell in 2018 - Create MUSIC. Music can define our mood, uplift our spirits and stimulate our senses. Rock, jazz, blues, gospel, soul, electronic, folk…so many strands to choose from. Our latest design study has taken those strands and weaved them into an exciting and vibrant new range of fabrics and carpets. Should you have missed to see us at the Expo even though you are curious to find out more about one of our "Create" studies, please get in touch with us!


Nothing is impossible.Or almost nothing. It is special ideas are what secures your future as a customer and our future as a company.