Expanding core competencies, daring to try new things, bringing sensuality to life: That is the spirit with which we started our passion project “13RUGS”, now a fully-fledged product line .It was initiated by Tina Wendler, co-owner of rohi, and fashion and textile designer Lara Wernert. Their baby has become a fascinating carpet label with a great appeal to customers looking for something unique for their homes.

These one-off carpets are the “stuff dreams are made of”. New dreams, we would say: Textile art works for floors are created with intricate craftsmanship and a multi-phase felting process developed in-house. They are individual compositions of selvages of different colours from our classic production. The designer personally takes on this artificial process and also selects a suitable rohi fabric as a backing material. That also makes the carpet reversible. This gives our highly-esteemed, valuable wool a kind of second life, and proves our awareness for the importance of sustainable action. How wonderful to have something so precious at your feet!

The final result is never 100 % predictable, and every carpet tells its own story with its colour, design and material. That is what turns our carpets into textile works of art for floors.

With their warmth and premium feel, they are oases of well-being and serve as a fascinating accent in rooms, emphasising their owners’ individuality.





From selvage to a work of art for floors.