Wool is in again. That was not always the case, but we at rohi were always deeply convinced by this natural high-tech product and stood by it. It became our hallmark, or even better a hallmark of our quality. We challenge ourselves daily to increase this quality visibly and tangibly. To us, wool means living in its most beautiful, diverse and timeless form.

Re-interpreting rohi’s classic OPERA!

Our ambition is to create the classics of tomorrow, in timeless, enduring design. Woven intelligence. This ambition applies in particular to our “grande dame” of textiles: OPERA. This fine textile in particular has earned the latest product finishing technologies: A delicate contrast of colours re-imagine the sculptural honeycomb structure. With design studio FORMSTELLE, we developed a colour concept that is broken down into three worlds of colour: EXOTIC, DENIM and NATURALS

Their multifaceted nature is what makes the fabrics particularly attractive. The intense interplay of the three colours gives the fabric its special appeal. It has a depth, almost seeming three-dimensional. In spite of this, the characteristic of the honeycomb structure is preserved fully, and appears even more intense.