Wool is in again. That was not always the case, but we at rohi were always deeply convinced by this natural high-tech product and stood by it. It became our hallmark, or even better a hallmark of our quality. We challenge ourselves daily to increase this quality visibly and tangibly. To us, wool means living in its most beautiful, diverse and timeless form.


Are you interested in certain fabrics from our collection? As a business customer (architect, furniture manufacturer, retailer, interior decorator, designer, etc.) we will be happy to support you with swatches of our collection fabrics. Our fabric swatches make the special rohi quality "tangible", make it easier for you to work on mood boards, presentations, material collections, etc. and can be ordered free of charge. You can also find out more about our other sample and collection formats. Our sample material is available for all our collection fabrics.


The concept of CLEO is to make wool even softer. The rohi wool specialists have managed to achieve something unparalleled here, well beyond the notorious softness that characterizes rohi’s wool collections. It is a newly created finish, a special wash, giving the fabric’s surface a nice voluminous feel and a beautiful fluffiness: “SOFT-WOOL-FINISH”. The result is a lush, tactile fabric, featuring a hand-woven look and an incredibly harmonious overall pattern.

CLEO’s three-dimensional structure is further enhanced by the sapient mix of up to four coloured yarns, for a sculptural light effect in each of its 24 nuances. The collection is divided into three colour worlds: non-colours with a design-oriented balance; natural shades inspired by nature like sage, amber or leather; pastel highlights such as pale pink, yellow and light green complete the collection’s colour palette for a touch of extra softness.