rohi’s new CREDO at Design Post Cologne

CREDO, rohi’s universal classic. Elegant structures containing three different shades fascinate with the interplay of matte and gloss yarns. A harmoniously impressive overall appearance for universal use.
By rejuvenating the CREDO colours rohi has brought out the versatility of this special web structure and has used contrasting colours to give an exciting impression of depth.

The fine coordination of the colour palette takes its inspiration from the innumerable shades in Nature: the warm intensity of the colours in the South and the cool freshness of the North.

The delicate nuances in the grey shades are a central motif. Warm shades of grey remind us of wood, while the colder grey shades bring stone to mind.

The overall picture grabs the attention: the exciting colour combinations of matte, muted, soft colours create a multi-coloured effect to produce an intense interplay of colours.