Re-interpreting rohi’s classic OPERA – Get inspired at DESIGN POST COLOGNE 2017

rohi epitomizes timeless, enduring design; for the classics of tomorrow.

A classic is a widely accepted reference design characterized by its perfection and harmony. Classics also have the potential to innovate. Accordingly, we focused on the rohi classic OPERA – the rohi design team created it almost a quarter of a century ago and has now re-interpreted it.

With a delicate contrast of colors, rohi has re-imagined the sculptural honeycomb structure of the classic OPERA. Together with design studio FORMSTELLE, rohi developed a color concept by creating 3 worlds of color: EXOTIC, DENIM and NATURALS.

EXOTIC – inspired by strong, brilliant, exotic colors. It is a colorful, uncharted, remote world where touches of color are particularly important.

The second world of color is called DENIM. Its harmonious, clear character seems relaxing, familiar and pleasant.

The third and most comprehensive color world goes back to nature. That’s why it is called NATURALS. This world is characterized by its very warm, natural properties.

The materials’ multi-faceted nature gives them their special charm – especially in the interplay of the three colors. The accentuation gives the material a special look with a lot of depth, making it appear almost three-dimensional. However, the honeycomb structure remains fully intact, and was highlighted even more clearly.