Ship ahoy! IMO certified rohi fabrics for Lake Tegernsee


The Tegernseer Schifffahrt (Tegernsee Lake Shipping Company) operates every day with their two flagships, the MS Rottach-Egern and the MS Tegernsee, on the picturesque Tegernsee Lake in Upper Bavaria.

The MS Rottach-Egern now features seats upholstered with rohi fabric on its main and upper decks. The company selected CREDO – a fabric that will cope well with the demands of up to 250 passengers, as well as being largely stain resistant. In addition, it provides extra cushioning, making it perfect for use in a maritime setting. Finally, design played a significant role in the selection process, which is why CREDO was the obvious choice for Tegernseer Schifffahrt; an expressive crape weave with refined matt and glossy structures in a maritime azure blue – the perfect match for its surroundings.

During the off season, rohi will supply new upholstery for seats on the MS Tegernsee. Guests will enjoy a comfortable, relaxed passage on exquisite rohi fabric. Only the captain will miss out – he isn’t sitting on rohi fabric (yet!).