The Mandala

The Mandala is a luxury hotel located at the heart of Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz. As the only privately run 5 Star Hotel in the square, they place great value on atmosphere, individuality, and character.

Which is why the items, both large and small, that make the hotel unique do not come from mass-producing factories; they are created with great care and attention to detail by smaller manufacturers.

The high quality, durable rohi fabrics selected for use on the seating in FACIL, the hotel restaurant, are a perfect example. 48 seats were fitted with our fabric, FAVO, in angora. The textile design was developed specifically for the The Mandala Hotel and captivates with its depth effect and Chanel style. The fabric combines aesthetics, surface feel, and durability while underscoring FACIL’s impressive atmosphere: a combination of elegant airiness and pure luxury, modernity and understatement.